Share files securely with encrypted links and password protection. It also provides granular access control, and 2-factor authentication. Easily track file activity and deprive access with just one click. Trusted by over 12,000 companies across the globe, including Ericsson, Gusto, and BuzzFeed.

The shift to digital workspaces has changed the way we communicate, share information and collaborate with teams. Paper documents have been replaced with digital documents, whiteboards are supplanted by collaborative project management tools and email has been replaced by business communication applications. The advancement in technology has altered our working practices, but it also presents new security risks. Data breaches occur at an alarming rate, and many of them are due to poor file sharing practices.

Secure file sharing is a critical element of a solid business security plan. It protects your confidential information, intellectual property and customer information from cybercriminals and allows you to remain in compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies in fields More Info like healthcare and finance.

You can securely share large files with colleagues and clients, whether they are working at home, in the office or on the mobile. Secure file sharing services are simple to use and reliable, as well as compatible with desktop and mobile platforms. They also allow you to make use of a VPN(new window) to secure your internet traffic and keep your files and communications secure, particularly when you connect to public WiFi.

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